Meet the Principal

Hello Friends! My name is Shunqetta N. Cunningham, Founder and Principal Grant Strategist of Kharis Grants and Services. I began this company to increase successful operational awareness of local nonprofits and public organizations. 

My primary goal is to enhance the effectiveness of what you through grant procurement and strategic development by working in tandem with your team to increase funding and the capacity to grow internally and externally.

While my leadership role with KHARIS has brought me great success and happiness, my greatest purpose is wrapped in four small packages- labeled Taylor, Tabitha, Tori , and Tessa which are my beautiful daughters I am privileged to parent with my wonderful husband Sanford.

KHARIS Grants and Services has submitted successful applications to many private foundations, corporate giving programs, and state and federal agencies.

Why I believe in KHARIS? We understand our wow factor in relation to the services we provide. The primary reason we are so successful is our effort to know your organization, your team, and the holistic nature of the work provided is our honesty. Everyone is not grant ready, and we will develop recommendations that will take capitalize on your challenges to  maximize the effectiveness of your organization. KHARIS Grants and Services not only concentrates on your needs but also works extensively with organizations to address critical issues affecting funding and program development as it relates to board oversight, executive leadership, staff and volunteers and funding capacity.

It is my goal to make your job easier!

Shunqetta Cunningham, MPA