Wisdom Wednesday: Professional Development Advice

Join Shunqetta every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month for Wisdom Wednesday on Facebook Live!

Wisdom Wednesday provides an opportunity for Shunqetta to share with African American women professionals and entrepreneurs specifically, and business women in general, about her journey of entrepreneurship and lessons continuously learned along the way .  Shunqetta shares insightful nuggets pertaining to business, faith, family, and living life to our highest calling. DISCLAIMER: She has a great sense of humor so at times, she will laugh sporadically and so will you! If you find the information helpful, please share with great women you know. Sharing is indeed caring!

Video 1: Show Up. Speak Up. Know Thyself

Video 2: Discipline and Focus: Intentional Living

Video 3: Over-A-Cup: Connecting Women Entrepreneurs

Video 4: Being authentic or intimidated?

Video 5: Balancing Family and Career Ambitions

Video 6: Release Your Fear! You Got This Sista!

Video 7:  Dealing with Malicious People

Video 8: Change Your Perspective of Success

Video 9: Vision Boards and Setting Strategic 2019 Goals!

Video 10: Check Your Approach

Video 11 : Striding to Success for 2019

Video 12:  Mommy Guilt 

Video 13: The Basics of Presenting Yourself

Video 14: Professionalism is Beyond a Suit and Blazer

Video 15: The Importance of Self-development

Video 16: Handling Racism Within Our Careers

Video 17: Mid-year Reflection for Your 2019 Goals

Video 18: Committing to Commitment

Video 19: The Essentials of Networking