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About Us

Meet our founder

Hello Community Partners! My name is Shunqetta N. Cunningham. I am the CEO and Lead Consulting Strategist of KHARIS Group. I started KHARIS because I know nonprofits are the true second responders of the community. When a crisis arises, the first call is to our wonderful law enforcement personnel, and the second call is to nonprofits and communities for resources and programs. KHARIS is a call to action entity designed to build stronger communities.

I have submitted successful applications to private foundations, corporate giving programs, and state and federal agencies. I love telling your stories and learning more about the wonderful people with a heart to serve and a desire to grow. My primary goal is to enhance the effectiveness of your organization’s impact through grant procurement, strategic development, and leadership training to build an internal structure for external impact.

Why I believe in KHARIS? We understand our wow factor in relation to the services we provide. The primary reason KHARIS is so successful is based on our effort to know your organization and your team. Nonprofit organizations and small communities are facing challenging times and multiple methods are needed to generate income. While, everyone is not grant-ready, I will work hard to develop strategic recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of your organization.

Together, we can make a real impact.

Shunqetta N. Cunningham, MPA

A Spotlight on Shunqetta

Ms. Cunningham's work at KHARIS Group Consulting involves delegating and directing the workflow strategy of the company, driving profitability and business growth, managing the company organizational structure, and directing team leadership. She founded the company in 2014 to help nonprofits get the funding they need to serve communities facing social, mental, economic, or racial barriers. Ms. Cunningham is a strong advocate for equity and change in underestimated and underrepresented populations. In addition to her work with KHARIS, she provides services to leaders, schools, state entities, and organizations across the country. Through the Leaders On-Demand program, she hopes to challenge herself and gain a better understanding of how she can support the African diaspora, while fostering connections that would otherwise not have been established.

View our comprehensive list of worthwhile resources [+/-]

A leading database of philanthropic resources, and U.S. and global grant makers.

A simple way for nonprofits to prepare, e-file and print your Form 990 and state registration forms.

Provides easy-to-use tools to help nonprofits become more viable grant applicants and build stronger organizations.

Matches individuals to volunteer and intern with nonprofit organizations in many areas in the U.S., especially urban and Christian organizations.

The government website where federal agencies post discretionary funding opportunities and grantees find and apply for them.

Evaluates charities of all types to help donors ensure they are donating to charities committed to its cause.

A large database of up-to-date information on nonprofit organizations.


A resource to improve nonprofits effectiveness by strengthening nonprofit boards.

For Women Entrepreneurs

KHARIS Group sponsors the Over A Cup initiative. Started by Founder & CEO of KHARIS, Shunqetta Cunningham in January 2018, this unique community is geared toward building connections, providing resources, and empowering minority women-led businesses in the Arkansas and Midsouth areas. Over A Cup is also the only advocacy initiative geared toward this business group in the local area. The networking group meets every 4th Saturday at 9 am (via Zoom). Connect with OAC here.

Matches you with opportunities, locally and online, that will help you start and grow a business.

Provides grants to small businesses facing immediate financial pressure because of Covid-19.

Investing in real solutions that allow women and girls to move up the economic ladder and reach their fullest potential.

Committed to building a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem that empowers Black entrepreneurs to start, grow, and scale their businesses.

Odyssey Media’s Keys To Success Community is focusing on the gig economy and how it is producing world-class entrepreneurs and small businessess

Awards a Galaxy Grant and has a mission to help minority and women entrepreneurs succeed.

Small Business Grant Contest– The company provides a yearly competition to win $50,000 for your small business.

This list will continue to be updated with resources to support your mission-driven organization.

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