30 for $30 Program For Faith-Based Leaders

Leadership Solutions for Faith-Based Leaders

God showed us from the beginning of time that good things should be done in a strategic process and with wise counsel. He created this beautiful landscape of the world first.  In Genesis 1:26a (NKJV), Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;.” He indeed could have created the world and mankind all at once, and yet God  teaches us right from the beginning that even He has a grand strategy.

Hello Faith Leaders,

I am so glad you are here on this page.  As a believer of God, I value the endless service you extend to your congregation and the community. 

 The 30 for $30 program is designed to give you  daily professional tips, grounded in scripture, that will assist you in your spiritual mission.  Over the next 30 days, change awaits.

For just $1/day, you will receive a daily biblical strategy to:

  • Implement creative ways to fundraise via grant and community sponsors for programs (YES, faith-based entities can apply for grant funding!)
  • Motivate and encourage members in this challenging time 
  • Enhance structure and organize within your ministry
  • Devise strategic principles to expand your mission outreach
  • and more.

Every leadership principle you receive through The 30 for $30 program is biblically-inspired, practical, and easy to implement.

So if you lead a congregation, small group team, ministry, serve on leadership teams, or simply want to receive valuable leadership tips in a spiritual context that will accelerate your mission, this program is for you.  

Register now to get started on November 1st! 


Shunqetta N. Cunningham, 

CIO (Chief Impact Officer)


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