Grant Review and Editing Program

KHARIS understands nonprofit leaders wear many hats and are excellent grant writers by choice and by force. Having an extra set of professional eyes will help you tremendously with your grant success. KHARIS wants to support all things that you do to serve others and sustain your organization. The Grant Review and Editing Program is priced in three 3 tiers for your benefit.

Tier 1– Grant proposals that contain 1,000 words or less (approximately 3 pages in 12pt font) will be reviewed with written feedback within 48 hours. Investment is $165.00.

Tier 2– Grant proposals that contain 1,001-3,200 words (approximately 6 pages in 12pt font) will be reviewed with written feedback within 36 hours. Investment is $330.00.

Tier 3– Grant proposals that contain over 3,201 words and up, and less than 10 pages, will be reviewed with feedback provided seven to ten days after submission. Investment is $495.00.

*Any proposal that exceeds 10 pages in narrative will undergo a further evaluation and consultation between KHARIS and the organization.

*Proposals that require expedited services outside of the established tier time frames will incur an additional $75 service fee.

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