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My daytime role as  leading consultant to nonprofit and business leaders keeps my professional cup filled for sure as my team and I provide transformative services to increase our client family’s income, impact, and infrastructure.

There is a me beyond the consultancy.

I AM A PURPOSE PUSHER TO GREAT WOMEN! God led me to start the THRIVE TRIBE to positively support and speak with women all in for God!

I love inspiring women.
I love pushing women.
I love supporting women.
I love praying for women.
I love helping women THRIVE.

I took the first leap and started the Thrive Tribe for ANY WOMAN to join and receive inspirational content so that we walk in alignment to prioritize our purpose, be present for our families, and live boldly in our faith.

Join me sis. It’s simple.

🤎 Commit to the monthly activities to do the internal work for external success.

Are you ready?
See in you in the Tribe.



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I am that woman. You are that woman. Let’s do this together. Join the Thrive Tribe for $3.99/month for access to exclusive content, programs, purpose challenges, and professional words of wisdom to help you discover your gifts, focus your life, and walk in the favor of God’s grace.



I love the National Geographic channel!
My dad always had it on, along with the History Channel, and I have even made it a staple in my home for us to watch. 
We watched a series on the arctic animals some time ago. I recall being mesmerized how the animals, from bears, foxes, moles, and certain insects even, would eat plenty to gain weight because they knew they would have to go underground for a season. They are hidden from the un-survivable harsh winters for their preservation. 
And check this out, they are only hidden for a certain season. They only miss one small period of time and have the rest of the year to enjoy life. THEN, THEY ARE READY TO UNLEASH.
Sis. I thought about July’s challenge. It has been six months since our last one, and frankly, I had to check my intention and account for results. 
But touch your neighbor and say NOW! Now is the time, sis! It is time to unleash YOU. This is not broadcast work either. No social media posts of this process. (Except to share it, LOL) This is digging in to release anxiety, comparison, frustration, and UNLEASH the uniqueness of YOU. 
I don’t have to explain who I am if I show up in who I am. We are trying to explain to people who we are when we should just BE. 
So this month is about doing the work. It’s about intentionally hiding ourselves in God, resting in the discovery of who we are called to BE. 
This challenge is for THRIVE TRIBE members, only. LITERALLY, for less than a cup of coffee a day is the price you pay for an entire month to be a member. THAT’S IT! And ask a tribe member; when they need me, they have access to me. That is my appreciation of their support for this ministry.

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