Transform Your Nonprofit

Elevate Your Impact and Success

Make income like a for-profit; Impact like a nonprofit

KHARIS Group is dedicated to transforming your nonprofit organization into a thriving and impactful force. Our comprehensive services are designed to address the critical needs of nonprofit entities, empowering you to achieve excellence, elevate your mission, and create lasting change.

Here At KHARIS We Empower You To

Start Your Nonprofit

Embark on your nonprofit journey with confidence. Let us guide you through the intricate process of establishment, ensuring a solid foundation for your organization’s success.

Raise More Money

Unlock new avenues of funding and financial sustainability. Our strategies will help you effectively secure funds, enabling you to expand your initiatives and serve your community.

Thrive as an Executive Leader/Director

Elevate your leadership prowess and confidence. Gain insights and skills necessary to steer your nonprofit towards remarkable accomplishments.

Book Shunqetta for Leadership and Board Training

Benefit from expert guidance and training. Shunqetta’s knowledge and experience will inspire your leadership team and board members.

Profitable Nonprofits: A New Vision

Strengthening Boards, Streamlining Operations, Boosting Revenue

At the core of our approach is the belief that nonprofits must be profitable to thrive and make meaningful change. We offer comprehensive solutions to help you build a strong board, streamline your operations, and enhance your revenue streams.

Unveiling Streamlined Solutions

Elevate Your Nonprofit

Most nonprofits struggle in the areas of





KHARIS IS A SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMS. We provide simple solutions for major impact.

Our Services

Fundamentals Program

For new nonprofits needing assistance from launch to board creation.

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If you’re new to the nonprofit landscape, join our Fundamentals Program. For just $2500, we’ll assist you in launching your nonprofit, onboarding your Board of Directors, providing essential board training, crafting bylaws, shaping your mission, designing programs, and offering budget guidance.


On-Going Consulting

For established non-profits who need a comprehensive funding strategy.

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 If your nonprofit is established with consistent operational budgeting and consistent programming, our On-Going Consulting is designed for you. Invest $2,599 per month, and Shunqetta will provide continuous coaching, strategic guidance, and grant writing assistance to help you reach new heights.


Nonprofit Capacity Program

For nonprofits seeking guidance to boost success & community presence.

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Ready to elevate your work and enhance your community presence? Join our Nonprofit Capacity Program for $847. In this four-week initiative, we’ll empower you with targeted guidance and assignments to expedite your success.


One-Time Consultations

For leaders seeking immediate guidance, our virtual one-time consultations provide strategic insights and a roadmap for your nonprofit journey.

Empower Your Nonprofit Journey With Us

Whether you’re at the beginning stages, looking to expand, or seeking strategic direction, our services are tailored to your unique needs. Transform your nonprofit into an impactful force for positive change. Let’s work together to build a stronger, more sustainable future.


“Thank you Kharis Group for sharing your TREASURE with us today!!!  Thank you ALL for making everyone feel comfortable, included, and for acknowledging everyone’s efforts; engaging everyone so knowledgably and user friendly!  #ShunquettaCunningham made a lasting impession on everyone!!!  Thank you.”