Make positive impact as a nonprofit

think and make income like a for-profit

That’s how you gain the funds to execute your missions and make an impact.
Let us help you master the financial tools and strategy that make your organization a success.

Nonprofits must be profitable. We’re not your average consultants.


We know how to do it all

KHARIS Group Consulting is your greatest asset in building nonprofit and startup wealth. We possess insider knowledge on the most successful methods and platforms to secure funds. KHARIS is a social impact agency with a mandate to uplift nonprofits through practical training, services, and support. We teach nonprofits to be ambitious not only in their impact but also in their income and community influence.

Our strategies are results proven, having financially uplifted deserving organizations time and again. Our secret to success comes from the unique combination of appreciating the work of noble causes while leveraging our financial wisdom. We turn complicated information into palatable bite-size tips so nonprofits know what to do, how to do it and why they are doing it.

We believe change occurs when people and organizations have the means to do it. That’s why we aim to teach nonprofits and small businesses how to maximize the tools and skills they have to create exponential growth, generate an income flow, and make a lasting impact in the community.

You have the goodwill. We have the financial and capacity-building strategy.

More about us

Billions of dollars are awarded to communities every year through philanthropic foundations and public agencies to support projects that produces thriving communities. The KHARIS Group has submitted a plethora of successful applications to private foundations, corporate giving programs, individual donors, and state and federal agencies.

Our work specializes in helping organizations and people see things in a different perspective for powerful results. If you are ready for change, you are ready for partnership with KHARIS.

We’re especially skilled in:


Impact, income, and influence.

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We achieve more when we have our people behind us.

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