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The KHARIS Group (KHARIS Grants and Services LLC.) is a social impact agency that heavily invests in the betterment of people and communities through strategic grant-writing, leadership development, and advocacy. Despite the challenging socioeconomic factors of our region, KHARIS believes investing in people will generate regional wealth, enhance leadership and skills of local people, and build better communities. KHARIS intentionally seeks large investment/grant funding to help organizations develop programs that create long-term solutions that are scalable, executable, and realistic.  KHARIS is an Arkansas-based consulting firm that specializes in  organization building.

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Billions of dollars are awarded to communities every year through philanthropic foundations and public agencies to support projects that produces thriving communities. KHARIS Grants and Services has submitted a plethora of successful applications to private foundations, corporate giving programs, individual donors, and state and federal agencies.

Our work specializes in helping organizations and people see things in a different perspective for powerful results.  If you are ready for change, you are ready for partnership with KHARIS!

Let’s build better and stronger communities, together!

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About the Founder

Shunqetta N. Cunningham, M.P.A., is the CEO and Lead Strategist of the KHARIS Group.  As a community strategist, Shunqetta’s central objective is to help nonprofit organizations and women businesses secure information, funding, and access that moves them closer to the advancement and achievement of their goals.  She is inspired to be a catalyst for change within the Delta region and beyond to impact present and future generations. Shunqetta is married to her wonderful husband of 14 years, and they parent an all star team of four daughters and one son. 


Grant Professionals Association - Arkansas Chapter

Organization success is intentional.


Nonprofit Formation and Consulting

Vision and Strategic Planning/Framework

Leadership and Professional Development


Small Business Consulting

What Others Are Saying About KHARIS

“As we know, anyone can string words together, however not everyone can do this at a professional level. A great grant writer is a rare breed that can simply take ideas and weave them into an interesting “story” that markets the organization and sells the program or project effectively. Kharis Grants has the expertise, experience and rare capability to effectively tell your “story.” I have utilized this business several times and each time the grant was exceptionally written. The organization’s goals were clear, concise, properly stated, researched properly and the grant was submitted in a timely manner. If you choose Kharis Grants, you will not be disappointed!


Dr. Brenda Randle
Founder & Director, The Writing Doctor, Inc.

I really enjoy the 30 for $30 emails because they provide quick and valuable information that I can use in my nonprofit.

Michael Sullivan

Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity

The retreat was EVERYTHING!!! I was able to see the missing links and was given a lot to think about! I loved the icebreaker with the cards.  Communication is truly the key!

Nicole Gillespie

Executive Director, Daddy's Diamonds Organization

Professional service with a comforting experience.

Rev. Greg Ota

New Life Empowerment Development Center