Weekly Coaching, Mentorship, and Accountability For  Nonprofit Leaders

Get Mentored and Coached to Nonprofit Success For Under $1 A DAY!

Hello Leaders!

Are you ready to enhance your growth, income, influence, and impact for your nonprofit?

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of our COACHING AND MENTORSHIP CIRCLE for nonprofit leaders!

Welcome to the new Impact Leaders Circle Coaching Program, your exclusive haven for mentorship and coaching tailored to empower social entrepreneurs (nonprofit leaders and those aspiring to start).

What is the Impact Circle?

The Impact Circle is specifically designed for organizations seeking ongoing support in a budget friendly group setting. This virtual training platform allows you to connect from anywhere, and occasionally, I’ll be broadcasting from multiple locations!

We’ll cover topics of fundraising and income, board development and training, expanding social capital, scaling your organization, and enhancing your impact.

The Impact Circle is dedicated to boosting your nonprofit’s growth by enhancing your ability to increase income, expand influence, and make a more significant impact:

  1. Strategic Income Growth: Learn fundraising strategies and financial management principles to increase your organization’s income sustainably. 
  1. Expanded Influence: Network with a diverse group of nonprofit leaders and experts. Gain exposure to new ideas and collaborations that extend your reach and influence in the community.
  1. Amplified Impact: Through expert-led sessions and peer interactions, you’ll find new ways to enhance your programs’ effectiveness and deepen your impact on those you serve.

You are committed to everyone else in your community. This program will equip with the skills and confidence needed to make a lasting impact. Imagine the difference we can make together—achieving greater financial stability, expanding your reach, and amplifying your impact in the community.

All for just $1/day.

This opportunity is perfect for Nonprofit CEOs, executive leaders, social entrepreneurs, volunteers of nonprofits, grant making program officers, and those aspiring to start a nonprofit.

Shared Success is the best success!

What can you do in a community?

Benefits of Being in the Circle

Working with Shunqetta, a highly respected nonprofit consultant, speaker, and leadership trainer, features:

Live Tuesday Trainings at 9:00am with Shunqetta Cunningham

Executive Leaders' Resources and Templates

Immediate Action Steps for Execution

Community with Peers to Expand Your Network and Partnerships

Engaging, Impactful, and Insightful Virtual Coworking Sessions with Shunqetta & Other Professionals

First Access and Discounted Rates to Kharis events

Access to Replays

The Circle is a game-changer for those in the know!

Our motto is shared success in the best success! Get in the Circle!

Weekly Morning Meetup

Millionaires meet early. Successful CEOs have morning meetups to embrace the day. We follow the same path of success. We’ll cover topics of fundraising and income, board development and training, expanding social capital, scaling your organization, and enhancing your impact.

Nonprofit Community

We believe in shared success and community! Not only will you be able to engage in conversation at our weekly meetup, you will also connect with other nonprofit leaders and build community. Become a part of something bigger and learn how leaders like you are making a difference.

Affordable Access

A one-hour 1-on-1 consultation with Shunqetta is nearly six times that of monthly program dues. The Impact Circle gives small nonprofits access to high-value and professional expertise at an affordable rate.

Perks & Programs

Time is your most valuable resource. Impact circle members get exclusive access to time-saving resources, grant leads, high-value podcasts, special guests speakers, book club invitations, and more!

Join the Circle Now!

Enrollment is NOW at an investment of just $31/month!

Our first Coaching Circle meeting will be June 11, 2024 at 9AM CST. No worries, you can join at anytime. 

Upon enrollment, you will receive access to the private Zoom group. 

Consistent growth and success is awaiting you. We look forward to coaching you from the inside, and embarking on a journey of transformation, together!

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